Wish To Become The Gen-X Dentist & Look Beyond The Textbook?

Wish To Become The Gen-X Dentist & Look Beyond The Textbook?

A well-known fact is that our mouth is the first to reflect when something goes wrong in our body.

This reminds us that a dentist is one who can identify any disease at a much earlier stage be it a lifestyle disorder like diabetes, infectious disease like COVID, terminal disease like cancer and obviously oral diseases.

Another popular fact is that the world is moving towards a more non-invasive, holistic approach of disease diagnosis and treatment.

So, here are few thoughts that you must consider as a the new era dental professional: 

  • Do you think that a dentist in the future will be a custodian of people’s overall health in terms of predicting diseases and maintaining wellness?
  • Are you a dental professional looking to advance your holistic skills and increase clientele?
  • As a dentist are you aware of the hidden gold-mine of knowledge that lies with the patient’s saliva, breath, oral microbes, teeth and gums that can be used to diagnose lifestyle diseases, infectious diseases, terminal diseases as well as maintain wellness?
  • Are you a dentist who wants to venture into areas and innovate new modalities to improve your patients’ quality of life?

If you have answered “ Yes’ to any one or all of the above, then you are at the right place! 

Look beyond the textbook and learn how to take your next career leap by joining our Exclusive Online Program: Fellowship in Dental Genetics and Clinical Research

Here are some industry stats:

By 2026 the Oral care industry is expected
to reach USD 54.9 billion which is 47.2
Billion in 2021 as per CAGR Report

What Does This Stat Mean?

This indicates the impact of oral healthcare research on the industry and also in creating jobs and introducing more entrepreneurs.

Well this is just one example! There is lot more! The Industry is booming and there is a huge demand for qualified people.

Where Can You Find Yourself As A Gen-X Dentist?

The infographic below shows where as an oral healthcare professional you can find a place in the coming days…..and shhhhh……! …a secret!…only a handful of people know about these areas now.

The market is thriving, competition is growing….would you still wait for that “D-day” to arrive? Think…..!

How To Get Into These Industries?

A big question..right?

A simple solution is right here for you and its a “click” away…..

Join our Fellowship Program to make yourself industry ready and grab the best job in this booming industry.

Still skeptic and having lot questions hovering in you mind? Well, that is very natural human instinct. No worries! We have got all your doubts covered.

Presenting you the POST MORTEM Report of
our course!
Watch till the end for best clarity.
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