Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

Are you passionate about medical and scientific communication and not sure where to start? Hi, I'm Gargi, and I'm here to help you become confident to navigate and establish your freelance career in the exciting world of medical and science communication

What I Do

I coach existing and aspiring freelancer writers to gain confidence using a unique 6-step B.O.O.O.S.T system

I am a Freelance Career Confidence Coach

Your goals and dreams should never just be a distant dream, they should be achievable.

With hard work, dedication, and my guidance, you have what it takes to excel in your career.

I strongly believe in your potential and I am here to help you unlock it!

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and achieve success in the dynamic industry of science communication!

Can you relate to any of the two situations below?


You are thinking of acquiring skills in scientific and medical communication. You know you need to start, but….

Do you feel confused to decide where to start?

Do you have self-doubts and less clarity to understand whether you will be able to become a medical or scientific writer?

Do you want to explore more to understand how the medical writing industry works, the different areas of this field and the types of jobs that exist?



You have acquired some hard skills in science writing and learnt soft skills as well. Despite all.....

Do you still feel stuck as to how to proceed further?

Does a feeling of insecurity grab you whenever you think about a career transition to medical communication?

Do you feel confused as to where to search for authentic jobs?

Are you thinking of creating a second income stream? 

Have you answered “YES” to any or all of the above?


Be assured…….I am not just another coach

I am your companion………..

….a friend cheering you on as you embark on your medical and science communication career adventure

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What My Clients Say

It was a great experience interacting with Dr. Gargi. I highly recommend others (the beginners) to take that jump start session if you are caught in a confusion. It would help you to break the shackle and to come out of the box so you can think differently.
Mukul Mahanti, PhD
Research Associate at University of Bristol, UK
I did a 3-day Medical Writing Career Bootcamp with Dr. Gargi Roy Goswami. It was like a booster dose. It gave me the confidence to kickstart my career with zeal and enthusiasm. I was busy parenting my twin daughters, but these days made me realize that I must devote my time to career advancement in medical writing. I am grateful to Gargi for empowering women like us by organizing this boot camp program.
Kirti Kajal, PhD (Cancer Biology)
Freelance Scientific Writer, India
Dr. Gargi is one of the most unique personalities I've known since the start of my journey. She is a versatile teacher, an avid reader & a wonderful writer. Her unique ways of mentoring research students definitely is making a true difference in the industry. She is ever-growing & ever-learning, adopting the most recent technologies to stay at the top of the curve, and providing the most advanced form of mentorship. I would always recommend Dr. Gargi, she is the best!
Dr Vidhi Bhanushali
CEO at Dental Dost, India
Dr Gargi is a very collaborative individual. She has excellent communication skills and works well in situations involving technical writing, organization of symposia and promotion of technologies via social media. As a collaborator of Dr Gargi's using her services, we have published articles together and the process was a very productive and positive experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Gargi's services to other potential clients.
Dr Paul Desmond Slowey
CEO, Oasis Diagnostics, USA
Dr Gargi projects relevant information with great enthusiasm and zeal. it's always a great learning experience with her!
Dr Shweta Mishra
Medical Content Writer, Neurophysiotherapist, India
Dr Gargi personally is good mentor. She helped me restart my journey back into scientific writing. Her course is completely focused on key areas of medical writing. It is the right place to start or restart your journey too
Dr Anela Thomas
Scientific Writer ✍️ Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist
Her knowledge in the field is magnanimous .Her boundless energy and extensive interest in teaching is more than appreciable. She has several qualities like leadership ability, poise, critical thinking, and professionalism. She has the talent of keeping the audience hooked
Dr Gaganjot Kaur
Professor & HOD, Oral Pathologist, Punjab, India
Dr. Gargi is an amazing orator with a knack of explaining the concepts in a crisp, crystal clear and easy to understand manner. Every person listening to her feels connected. She tends to make the sessions lively, captivating and engaging I would strongly recommend her
Dr Vandana Shah
Professor & HOD, K M Shah Dental College, Gujarat, India

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