Top 10 Secrets Why A Dental Professional May Think Of A Career In The Genomics Industry In The Immediate Future Years

The future is here! Yes, this is what we can boldly say as we look around to see what science has brought to us today by decoding the entire human genome!

We have our own script of life in hand! How wonderful is that! Perhaps we are experiencing the best time as a species in the entire history of mankind. Advancements in genetic and genomic technologies have made this possible.

Whether it is a systemic disease or an oral pathology, the efforts for early diagnosis have always been the core of a clinician’s thought process. Genomics is the branch of science that is helping clinicians achieve reliable early disease diagnoses every moment. Doesn’t matter whether you have a disease or not, with the power of genomics today we can understand the predictions of many debilitating diseases even before symptoms appear.

The genomics industry as a field of science is a rapidly growing field that offers many opportunities for professionals looking to expand their skills and make a career change.

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Here are the top 10 reasons why dental professionals may want to consider a career in the genomics industry:

Understanding the underlying causes of oral diseases

The use of genomics can help dental professionals to pinpoint the underlying causes of oral diseases, which can lead to the development of new treatments and therapies.

Improved diagnosis and treatment

By understanding the genetic and molecular basis of disease, dental professionals can provide more personalized and effective care.


The genomics industry is an interdisciplinary field that combines many different fields such as biology, computer science, and medicine

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Cross-functional skills

A career in the genomics industry can help dental professionals to develop cross-functional skills in areas such as data analysis, bioinformatics, and project management.

Dental-specific research

There are many opportunities in the genomics industry to work on dental-specific research, such as studies on the genetic basis of oral diseases, understanding oral microbiomes for disease diagnosis and development of oral-specific diagnostic tools.

Growing field

The genomics industry is a rapidly growing field with many job opportunities and career paths.

International opportunities

The genomics industry is a global field, and there are many opportunities to work on international projects and collaborate with researchers from around the world.

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Unique positioning in the market

The genomics industry is also developing personalized medicine solutions that can be tailored to the unique genetic makeup of each individual. Understanding genomics and relevant products can help dental clinicians create a unique positioning in the market by offering genomic tests to their patients wherever applicable.

Revenue addition to existing practice

Existing dental practices can take a leap into the fascinating world of genomics and add extra revenue by collaborating with relevant companies and providing their services to their existing client base as well as attracting new patients.

High demand

There is a high demand for professionals with expertise in genomics, and dental professionals with genomics skills may be in a strong position to take advantage of this to take dentistry to the next level.

It is not only about making a career in the field of genomics, a personalised approach towards understanding oral health will ultimately benefit the systemic health of an individual. This will help to improve social health of our population at the long run because the mouth is the gateway to our entire system.

And as wisemen say…………………..

“Mouth in man, the gateway to the soul; in woman, the outlet of the heart.”— Ambrose Bierce

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