Banking On Teeth: A ROI For Life

Banking On Teeth: A ROI For Lif

We are well aware of a banking system existing in a national and international paraphernalia. A bank is a place where we safely store our hard earned money as well as save it for making the future secured.

When we see the drone view of life, we all have a common goal to reach – a healthy and prosperous life! Whether it is savings or investing, we all wish to acquire the best return on investment (ROI). Isn’t it?

The Kickstart of A Tooth Bank

If we closely look, it is obvious that science and commerce advance together. In this aspect, the stem cell field is no exception. In the era of modern science, stem cell therapies are promised to cure debilitating diseases such as cancer, addiction, neural degeneration, etc. Almost 20 years back a revolutionary discovery happened (by Gronthos and Shi). Dental pulp (innermost part or tissue of our tooth), from both baby and adult teeth, was found as one of the richest source of viable and multipotent postnatal stem cells. This discovery initiated to present us with a new banking system – the “Tooth Bank”!

A “Tooth bank” focuses on the collection of a child’s baby teeth (deciduous or milk teeth) when they are naturally shed within 6-12 years of age. In case of adults these stem cells are obtained from extracted wisdom teeth (third molars ). The stem cells are collected from within the pulp and stored. In later years, if a need arise, these preserved stem cells are used for therapeutic purposes for the same child. Long-term preservation of dental stem cells is a growth market.

Sources of the Natural Treasure

The stem cells are a natural treasure that we are born with! They are found primarily in the dental pulp of deciduous or adult teeth, the surrounding connective tissue and the alveolar bone although other oral sites also contain stem cell populations as follows:

  • SHED: Stem Cells from Human Deciduous Teeth
  • DPSC: Dental Pulp Stem Cells
  • SCAP: Stem Cells from the Apical Papilla
  • PDLSC: Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells
  • ABSC: Alveolar Bone Stem Cells
  • TGPC: Tooth Germ Progenitor Cells ( not readily accessible for therapeutic use)
  • DFSC: Dental Follicle Stem Cells ( not readily accessible for therapeutic use)

Associated oral tissue such as epithelium, gingiva (gums) and salivary gland also house unique populations of stem cells.

Does a Commercial Tooth Bank Exist ?

Yes! Of course! Just like existing private and government banking services, several tooth banking service companies have emerged all round the globe over the last decade. You can open your dental stem cell account in any of these “tooth banks”! To name few:

  • BioEden (USA )
  • Dentcell (Mexico)
  • Future Health Biobank (UK )
  • Mothercell (India)
  • National Dental Pulp Laboratory (USA)
  • Oothy (USA )
  • ReeLabs (India)
  • Stemade (India)
  • ToothScell (India)
Steps of Tooth Banking Process
  1. Collection – 2. Transport – 3. Stem cell isolation and preparation – 5. Cryopreservation

What is the ROI of Tooth Banking?

The stem cells that are located within teeth are called mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells are used to regenerate bone and tissue throughout the body. Genomics analysis of the collected dental stem cells generates predictive health information and data. For example, some may have a family history or higher risk for a particular disease. This kind of information will prompt them to consider different preventive therapeutic options beforehand.

Role of a Dental Professional in Tooth Banking

The dentist collects teeth and “tooth banking” services extract the stem cells within the pulp and preserve for the future benefit of the patient.

The collection of stem cells for long-term storage for therapeutic use is a service now provided by oral healthcare professionals. Modern day dentists are not only changing lives, they are saving them! Dentistry is not anymore just about removing pain, enabling people to eat normally, returning faces to their original splendour.

A detailed overview of various other aspects of dental stem cell banking, steps to growing stem cells, analysis and interpretation and clinical applications is covered inside our course (Accredited by American Council Of Training And Development, New Jersey, USA):

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