A Smart Way Considering A Super Precise Way To Detect Scary COVID In Your Everyday Clinical Practice And Beyond

“It’s enough now!”

Well, this is the expression our brain and mind shout out whenever it comes across the term “COVID”. Isn’t it? 

Perhaps, it is the most dangerous pandemic ever in the history of the human race! Scientists all over the globe are hunting out ways to screen and test for this deadly virus.

Prevention measures may not be feasible or highly effective in managing the health of populations in a public health emergency. Moreover, in the case of a public health threat like Covid, prevention strategies for many health conditions may not be well known.

For this reason, screening and surveillance are crucial strategies in managing population health. Knowledge of the natural history of the health problem and the ability to accurately detect the problem early – are the two fundamental aspects of the success of both screening and surveillance.

The primary purpose of screening is to identify early signs and symptoms of a disease or health problem. Early detection will help to implement early treatment or program intervention to reduce the likelihood of the disease emergence or health problems and mortality from the disease in an individual. 

Talking about COVID and its early detection, the Magic Biofluid-Saliva is the best resort. 

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