Medical Writing Career Confidence Bootcamp

October 13 - 15 , 2023

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm IST each day

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What Will You Learn

Building Confidence and Setting Goals

Icebreaker activity: "Confidence Corner"

Mastering Medical Writing Skills

Interactive writing exercise

Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Interactive exercise to expand professional network

Why Should You Join This Bootcamp

Can you relate to any of these?

You are thinking to acquire skills in scientific and medical writing. You know you need to start, but…. 

Do you feel confused to decide where to start?

Do you have self-doubts and less clarity to understand whether you will be able to become a medical or scientific writer?

Do you want to explore more to understand how the medical writing industry works, the different areas of this field and the types of jobs that exist?

You have acquired some hard skills in medical writing and learnt soft skills as well. In spite of all these…….

Do you still feel stuck as to how to proceed further?

Do you feel confused as to where to search for authentic jobs?

Are you thinking of transitioning to another area of medical writing?

Are you thinking of creating a second income stream? 

Have you answered “YES” to any or all of the above?

Join The Bootcamp to Break All Barriers

Topic Highlights


  • Introduction to Medical Writing

  • Identifying your interests and strengths as a writer
  • Best practices for creating a compelling bio and writing samples

  • Best practices for follow-up and communication with potential recruiters or clients

  • Tips for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in science writing

  • Importance of networking


  • Mindfulness practices for focused writing

  • Developing your writing skills
  • Building your online presence and portfolio

  • Time management & productivity

  • How to find and choose jobs as a beginner

  • Tricks to create working samples even if you have no experience in the field

What Will You Achieve


Internationally accredited (ACTD, USA) participation certificate valid worldwide

Become Confident

Brainstorming activities will help you identify the areas you need to improve all by yourself

Get Clarity

Learn how the medical writing industry actually works and what recruiters are looking for while hiring

Grow Network

Explore the secrets and tricks of networking to reach out to relevant people in the industry


FREE E-book Guide with lifetime access on “How to Start as a Medical Writing Freelancer” worth Rs 2000


FREE E-book with lifetime access to “Top 40 Medical Writing job Interview Questions With Sample Answers” worth Rs 3000

Know Your Mentor

Medical Writing
Career Confidence

Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

Founder, KROYNAS Pvt Ltd


Yes. The entire boot camp is conducted through Live online interactive sessions

We recommend attending the session Live as it is designed in an activity-based and practical implementation rather than theory. In case of any unavoidable circumstances, recordings will be provided on request

Yes. Definitely! 

You will receive a Certificate of Participation accredited by the American Council of Training & Development (ACTD), USA. Hence the Certificate is recognised globally

Yes. The boot camp welcomes international participants all across the globe

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